Lenape History Suppression

Lenape History Suppression


The Evidence indicates that The People of America spoke the SHORE (OLD NORSE) language, from Hudson Bay to the Isthmus of Panama, when the Europeans Invaded.


 In AD 1346 4,000 Norse vanished from Greenland.

 Where DID they go?

 Dr. Myron Paine wanted to find out.
  He found the Maalan Aarum, the Lenape “Bible.”

 Then he found eight volumes of Reider T. Sherwin’s books, The Viking and the Red Man.  In the forward of volume IV, Sherwin concluded that the Algonquin Indian (a.k.a. Lenape) Language was Old Norse.

 Dr. Paine used the 30,000 Lenape words to decipher the Maalan Aarum.  The first two chapters are the Lenape Bible—Genesis.  The word “Lenape” appears twice in Genesis.

 Dr. Paine recognized that chapter 3 was history.  He used the words in The Viking and the Red Man to decipher chapter 3.  

 Dr. Frank Esposito, Kean University, knew Lenape.  He encouraged students to vet the Maalan Aarum.  Craig Judge deciphered 10 verses of Chapter 4.  

 Judge’s achievement is evidence that The Viking and the Red Man is valid knowledge.  The The Viking and the Red Man can be used by persistent scholars, who want to understand Lenape words from four centuries to four seconds ago.  

 The Viking and the Red Man has over 30,000 Lenape (a.k.a. Algonquin) words with their meanings and the original Old Norse pronunciation. Many place names in eastern North America are Lenape.  Many cities, over 10 U.S. states, and 3 provinces in Canada have Lenape names. Dr. Paine posted the first 37 deciphered stanzas of chapter 3 on the Internet as LENAPE LAND.  The format works with Smart Phones. The Lenape history clearly shows that the 4,000 Norse WALKED to America.

 Before they left Greenland the Norse were calling themselves “Lenape,” which means, “To abide with the pure.”  The Maalan Aarum says that a ruler was “baptized to be pure.”

 When they left, the Lenape had had two and a half centuries of Catholic education.  They left behind 18 churches.

 Two and a half centuries later the Norse Catholics welcomed the White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP) on to the Atlantic shores of North America.  

 The rest is NOT history because the WASP did not want the people in England or the Pope to know that the Americans were Norse Catholics.

 Dr. Paine searched for a reason why the knowledge of the Norse Catholics should vanish so completely from history.

 Recently Dr. Paine learned that the English, who had beheaded a Catholic King during the 17th century, had also restored another catholic king, James II, to the throne later. 

 This Catholic restoration happened within a decade after the WASP in America had massacred thousands of Norse Catholics.  

 King James II soon issued a new edict.  He created the Dominion of New England.

 The WASP in America rightly concluded that the English might take back the control of the colonial governments.  If the King’s men found out, the sin of massacring Norse Catholics would be a ruinous bit of knowledge for colonial aspirations. 

 So the WASP, who had the only printing presses in America, suppressed the knowledge of the Norse Catholics and their untimely slaughter. 

 The WASP suppression was institutionalized in the decades to follow the “Glorious Revolution.”  By the time of the English invasion of Canada, which was planned in parliament but which the English called “the French and Indian war,” any hint of Norse Catholics was suppressed by the most effective method: 

         Teach the WASP version of history to the young kids, 

         Omit any mention of Norse Catholics, and 

         Ignore anybody, who finds a Norse artifact.

 The suppression continues today.  Patricia Sutherland was fired for reporting about Norse artifacts on Baffin Island.  The academic community did not object very loudly.

 Why would they?  They have no mechanism to deal with Norse artifacts. The American history curriculum, does not mention Norse Catholics.

 Most academics may tell you, as they have for over a century, that the Maalan Aarum is a hoax.  After seventy years in print, the academics do not list the Viking and the Red Man in any bibliography.

 The 17th centaury WASP stumbled onto the nearly perfect suppression mechanism–omission of evidence and testimony from the recorded history.  

If the text is not in the history books, then the Norse Catholics never existed.  If someone finds a Norse artifact, educators claim it is a hoax.  They omit the record from the history books.  The WASP soon had an America free of Norse Catholics.  Centuries later there was a world of people willing to defend the WASP version of history.

 Three centuries later, E. Urner Goodman, in Pennsylvania, noted the outstanding qualities of the Lenape.  

 He convinced the Boy Scouts to create a higher class of Scouts, which is called the Order of the Arrow.

 The Order of the Arrow is based on the outstanding Lenape (Norse Catholic) qualities. 

 This article may not get published in any paper media for many reasons, but the main reason is that the content of this post does not conform to the WASP mental model of America that the Editors have in their heads.

 Their mental models were shaped by WASP suppression by omission.

 If you, the reader, see the contents of this post published in other media, you will be witnessing the very latest news.

 Where DID they go?  See Where did the 4,ooo Lenape go?


Photo courtesy of Dr. Paine.