Lenape History Suppression

By, Myron Paine, Ph. D., Author Frozen Trail to Merica, Talerman and Walking to Merica. The Evidence indicates that The People of America spoke the SHORE (OLD NORSE) language, from Hudson Bay to the Isthmus of Panama, when the Europeans Invaded.  The NORSE CATHOLIC HISTORY is still being SUPPRESSED!  In AD 1346 4,000 Norse vanished from Greenland.  Where DID they go?  Dr. Myron Read More

Composition Analysis of Michigan Copper

Michigan Copper in the Mediterranean, The Shipping of Michigan Copper across the Atlantic in the Bronze Age   (Isle Royale and Keweenaw Peninsula, c. 2400BC-1200 BC) J.S. Wakefield,   Photos coming soon for the article. Apologies from the AA staff.   Summary Recent scientific literature has come to the conclusion that the major source Read More

Review of Book by Sorenson and Johannessen: a Death Knell for Isolationism

by, John J White III Originally published in MES. The book World Trade and Biological Exchanges Before 1492 by John L. Sorenson and Carl L. Johanessen is now available. Collectively it represents a slam dunk victory for the historical interpretation of cultural diffusionism over the opposing interpretation of cultural isolationism. This is a major event Read More