Unusual Find?

Daren Pidduck Email #1 I have found something very unusual , would like to be put in touch with expeditions or explorers to go here , I know what this is and there’s a lot more?  Email #2 Would you even believe me ??? The two pictures I sent, first one two markers, the Read More

Celtic Immigrants in Ancient Peru?

by, Hans Giffhorn Abstract: First, the author presents information about his professional background, his relationship to the question of the origins of Chachapoya culture, and the intention of the article: It is a case study which addresses fundamental issues of science. The critical analysis of the argument of the archaeologist Warren Church, a leading expert Read More

Surveys of the Kolterman Mound Group Site Dodge Co., Wisc.

By Members of the Ancient Earthworks Society (AES) and the Mid-America Geographic Foundation (MAGF) in May, 2015 James P. Scherz, Prof. Emeritus, Dept. Civil Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison, July 2015 Overview:                                                                                                                  In the spring of 2015. I had agreed to run a training session to teach interested individuals the methods we had developed since Read More

The Hensler Site and Long-Range Alignments

by James P. Scherz For Meeting of Ancient Earthworks Society (AES), Madison, Wisconsin Overview: As early as 1990, our maps of the layout of Indian Mounds in the area of Madison and Aztalan indicated the strong possibility of long-range alignments encoded within the geometry of sites and between distant sites. What we noted in this Read More

A Gathering of the Eagles

Geometry and Possible Calendar Functions at The Ghost Eagle Site (Richland Country, Wisconsin) By: Prof. James P. Scherz Madison, Wisconsin This report addresses geometry and possible calendar functions at the effigy mound group located on the north bank of the Wisconsin River, near Muscoda, Wisconsin. In the 1800’s this extremely impressive group of eagle mounds Read More

What We Have Learned from Surveying Effigy Mounds

By James P. Scherz For talk at AES Meeting on January 17, 2015 Our surveys of the Indian mounds since about 1980 have revealed meaningful geometry in angles to an accuracy approaching 0.1 deg. (6 minutes of angle). Our surveys were controlled by celestial observations to an acc4Tacy of better than 0.01 deg. Meaningful distances Read More

What We Should See but Don’t

Talk by James P. Scherz, Nov., 2014 Washington, Indiana Introduction: Since about 1980, we have been surveying effigy mound groups and related ancient ceremonial sites in Wisconsin and neighboring states. At some of the very isolated sites, very early on, we saw ribbons and small offerings, a clear indication that someone from the native communities Read More