Falcon Effigies of the Upper Mississippi River

                                            Written By, Robert Anderson When we began our efforts to return the peregrine falcon to the bluffs of the Mississippi River in 1998, we collaborated with Effigy Mounds National Monument in Harper’s Ferry, Iowa. Effigy Mounds National Monument runs along the west bank of the Mississippi river. It preserves prominent bluffs, un-fragmented forests, and Read More

Blackhawk Ridge Dane, Co., Wisconsin – Investigation of the Old Battleground from the Military Point of View

By: James P. Scherz Overview 1995 This paper is a brief summary of events relating to a visit to Blackhawk Ridge, near Sauk City, Wisconsin on 13 June, 1995 by Col. Burrows of the Illinois State Militia, William Wenzel (surveyor), Larry Johns (with Native American associations), representatives of the Wisconsin DNR, and myself. The meeting Read More