At Ancient America

( www.AncientAmerica.com ) our main objective is to create an interactive online forum for people from all over the world in which to submit articles pertaining to America’s little known secret history prior to and after Columbus.

For now we are not planning on screening any comments other than what would be appropriate for education, but not necessarily accepted theory. We do expect to have young folks visiting, so “inappropriate words” may be edited to make sense after a nanny bot screens out some synonyms for “levee”, as an example. So, basically, anyone visiting the website will be able to provide any feedback, in any language; Some of this will be very beneficial.

If you wish to submit an article, a submission form can be found HERE.

Our objective is to get your research, discoveries and stories “out there”. This website is here to stay and we are hoping many of you will write as many articles as you would like in the upcoming weeks, months and years to come.
We look forward to sharing your important work on www.AncientAmerica.com for the entire world to see.