Calalus 775-900 A.D. : A Re-examination of the Bent Artifacts – PART 1

by Cyclone Covey, Professor of Ancient History, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC (Editor’s Note: This paper #15 was presented at the first Westville Symposium in 1973 held at the outdoor tabernacle of the Westville Antebellum Living Museum located three miles southeast of Lumpkin, Georgia, a town located south of Columbus (for a description, see MEJ Read More

Happy Native American Day

Maybe something in these cards can help shed some light on who this man really was and what he really did. Who was it that said something like, if you don’t bring back enough gold each week to fill your hands, then they’ll be cut off. Thank you to anyone who can help with translations, or Read More

Hebrew Script Atop Pinnacle Mountain

Originally published in Ancient American Magazine Issue #83 by, Wayne May West Connecticut may seem an unlikely place to find ancient inscriptions from the Old World, but there they are, etched in granite atop a six hundred-foot mountain ten miles southwest of Hartford. Part of the narrow, linear Metacomet Ridge extending from Long Island Sound Read More

What is going on here?

  Originally published in Ancient American Magazine Issue #46 Last Spring, a subscriber called our attention to this remarkable photograph. Although the original print was obtained by Mr. Wayne May, no information was associated with its purchase. All we may deduce from this intriguing image is that it appears to document an actual site, apparently Read More