Preview: Upcoming Story in Ancient American Magazine

Here is a preview of my next article for Ancient American Ancient Fortresses of the Ohio Valley Part 3: Grave Creek Complex; Smoke and Mirrors   In the first installment of this series (AA, Vol 17, Issue 101), I described two ancient fortresses, Merom Bluff and Devil’s Backbone, both in Indiana. In the second installment Read More

Missing: Prehistoric Michigan’s Half-Billion Pounds of Copper

Missing: Prehistoric Michigan’s Half-Billion Pounds of Copper By David Hoffman AA #35 pp.18-21   Approximately 9,000 years ago, the Great Lakes achieved their current definition. Water levels would have been high near the time of the final glacier melt enabling human travel along ancient trade routes. Soil conditions indicate that at one time the Wisconsin Read More

Midwestern Epigraphic Society and Ancient America

Midwestern Epigraphic Society and Ancient America A small amateur organization rides the wave of discoveries that Columbus was the last to come to America by James Leslie By the early 1980s Barry Fell had published his first three books, America BC, Saga America and Bronze Age America showing evidence that Europeans had visited American years before Read More

Cast in Bronze

  Re-Posted From Oopa Loopa Cafe, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 08, 2006 Rick Osmon Cast in Bronze I’ve been reading (trying to read between income-based interruptions) my autographed copy — thank you, Fred — of Fred Rydholm’s Michigan Copper, The Untold Story, A History of Discovery. Fred makes the case that some ancient people mined many millions of Read More

Ancient Pennsylvania Oil Mines, Pre-Columbian Oil

Ancient Pennsylvania Oil Mines, Pre-Columbian Oil   Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in Ancient American magazine Issue 97, pp12-16, used with permission.   By Thomas Anderton The following article is based on the probability that Minoans from Crete were on the Upper Peninsula in Michigan mining float copper from 2450 B.C. to around 1200 Read More

Ancient Asiatic Writing in North America

ANCIENT ASIATIC WRITING IN NORTH AMERICA By, Dr John Ruskamp For centuries, researchers have been debating if, in pre-Columbian times, meaningful exchanges between the indigenous peoples of Asia and the Americas ever occurred. Periodically, over the past 250 years knowledgeable sinologists and oceanographers have written positively on this topic, yet, so far, no conclusive proof Read More