Surveys of the Kolterman Mound Group Site Dodge Co., Wisc.

By Members of the Ancient Earthworks Society (AES) and the Mid-America Geographic Foundation (MAGF) in May, 2015 James P. Scherz, Prof. Emeritus, Dept. Civil Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison, July 2015 Overview:                                                                                                                  In the spring of 2015. I had agreed to run a training session to teach interested individuals the methods we had developed since Read More

The Hensler Site and Long-Range Alignments

by James P. Scherz For Meeting of Ancient Earthworks Society (AES), Madison, Wisconsin Overview: As early as 1990, our maps of the layout of Indian Mounds in the area of Madison and Aztalan indicated the strong possibility of long-range alignments encoded within the geometry of sites and between distant sites. What we noted in this Read More