Where Did The 4,000 Lenape Go?

By, Myron Paine, Ph. D., Author Frozen Trail to Merica, Talerman and Walking to Merica. The Lenape walked over a frozen ocean to a land, where nothing was growing. Then God delivered geese and whales. This action was an experience similar to God delivering manna in a desert.   The Lenape history says that the number of Lenape actually multiplied! The Read More


by, Myron Paine, Ph.D. SEE THE LENAPE FIRST CONCLUSIONS NORSE CATHOLICS have been in America for 1,000 years.      Myron Paine has devoted 14 years of research to Norse Catholics in America.  He started by making a hypothesis:      During the Little Ice Age ancestors of the Lenape-speaking people walked, en masse, Read More