Contributor’s Guide

The usual rule book(s) applies to usage, punctuation, capitalization, etc. We heartily encourage the use of either the NewYork Times style guide or the Chicago Tribune style guide. However, we are not capable of editing all the submissions. Please use the best practices and your own discretion. If we see a glaring typo or something simple, we may make appropriate changes, but we are not going to change your submission. While we may at times ask a contributor to rewrite for clarity, we won’t ask for material changes.

Length: 500 to 10,000 words

Images: Public domain, creative commons (with attribution) or contributor owned.

Number of images: Although not required, we request that contributors also submit a photo of themselves, preferably a head shot, for their byline. Content photos or images to go with the submission should be minimum of one up to twenty.

Please email

Thank you, we’re very excited to share your submissions with the world.