Unusual Find?

Unusual Find?

Daren Pidduck


Email #1

I have found something very unusual , would like to be put in touch with expeditions or explorers to go here , I know what this is and there’s a lot more? 

Email #2

Would you even believe me ??? The two pictures I sent, first one two markers, the head is the marker of Poseidon the second is a pyramid that sits on the head of the dweller as described in the emerald tablets and it’s at the top of a mountain on the possible island once called kuor part of Lemuria, it is the supposed entrance to the halls of umenti and the last repository for the ancients knowledge, I enclose 2 other pictures for now, first the rock the man sits next too is the head of a statue also of Poseidon second is the head of Dagon the god of the sea, these are all in the same place, the next set of pictures I will send will truly blow your minds  …  Or it could all just be a pile of rocks? That’s what I want to find out. I have no means to do so all I have is knowledge. If it is what I think it is, it will be the greatest discovery of all time.