Celtic Immigrants in Ancient Peru?

Celtic Immigrants in Ancient Peru?

by, Hans Giffhorn


First, the author presents information about his professional background, his relationship to the question of the origins of Chachapoya culture, and the intention of the article: It is a case study which addresses fundamental issues of science.

The critical analysis of the argument of the archaeologist Warren Church, a leading expert on the pre-Columbian culture of Chachapoya in Peru, serves as an example. From it results evidence for the effectiveness of an irrational dogma. This dogma characterizes large parts of archaeological research at universities and can partly be explained by the influence of Eurocentric and racist ideologies of the 19th century. Furthermore, the author presents some results (with photos and text) and the main stages of his research on the origins of Chachapoya culture. These results demonstrate how productive research can be if it is not limited by dogmas. Do we need revolutions to save science?!