Meadow Mountain

Meadow Mountain

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By, Art Burnett

Howdy, One year into what should have been a full life time of work. Discovery started with Summer Solstice Sunset 2014 morphed into realization that Meadow Mountain Coke Coke County was an ancient religious center. One out growth of that was finding numerous stone effigies of birds which in turn pointed to Colorado River having been a lush wetland. For 150 years white men have hunted this area for arrowheads creating a number of spectacular collections all the time ignoring what was around them. In brief for a minimum of fifty miles in any direction are examples of a ancients at work, beyond that can be found examples of influence. Panther Gap denotes Summer Solstice Sunset, at 246* Winter Solstice Sunset works across a smaller saddle, the south nose, now badly damaged, may have been the site of Sacred fire, other points on the Mountain delineate major calendar markers. King of Silver big discovery of 2014, he is some 200 feet tall, best observed in afternoon light, like the solstices unobserved by passer byes. Third rediscovery was Sleeping Woman Mountain, she lies SSW of Meadow Mountain, 2015 Solstice revealed a swale acting as a gun sight for sunrise to hit Sleeping Woman. Near by to swale ancient heads some 7 feet tall were found. One head, much smaller, is so similar to what is called the Malakoff heads as to be spine tingling. One year is not even a peck at Ancient life along Colorado River in Texas. A note to all: Purple posts, signs, fences, gates in West Texas mean private property. This is cattle country trespassing is taken seriously. If you decide to visit take your photos from road sides.

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