Survey Report for The Ceex Haci Site

Near Nekoosa, Wisconsin in the fall of 2016 by James P Scherz, Emeritus Prof., Univ. of Wisc., Madison (Civil Engr. Dept.) and Trainees from the Ancient Earthworks Society (AES), of Madison Overview: This brief report is meant to accompany four maps which were produced from our  surveys of an ancient Indian Mound Group which we Read More

Surveys at Christmas Hill In May 2012

by, James P. Scherz 8 June, 2012 In May, 2012, I spent several days surveying positions of some manmade mounds, manmade pits, seemingly organized rocks, and deformed trees atop of Christmas Hill. Christmas Hill is located about 1.6  miles southeast of Aztalan Park, in Jefferson, Co., Wisconsin.   See Figure 1. Research work by Robert Johnson Read More

Detailed Hydrographic Map of Rock Lake

Progress Report Jefferson, County·, Wisconsin Version A By, James P. Scherz Prof. Emeritus Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Surveying and Mapping Section) University of Wisconsin, Madison October, 1999 This printing: 16 February, 2000 Dedication Although any report on Rock Lake must give credit to many people who have been involved in probing its mysteries Read More

Art and Shamanism From Cave Painting to the White Cube

Robert J. Wallis Richmond University, the American International University in London, London TW10 6JP, UK; Received: 15 December 2018; Accepted: 8 January 2019; Published: 16 January 2019 updates Abstract: Art and shamanism are often represented as timeless, universal features of human experience, with an apparently immutable relationship. Shamanism is frequently held to represent the Read More

Surveys of the Bighorn Medicine Wheel

For Purposes of Long Range Alignments Survey on 20 August, 2005 Under Direction of James P. Scherz. Prof. Emeritus Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Surveying and Mapping Division), Univ. of  Wisc., Madison Report Written: Dec., 2005 By James P. Scherz Chapter 1 – OVERVIEW – 1-A) Personnel, Motivation, and Getting Started The prime field Read More

Falcon Effigies of the Upper Mississippi River

                                            Written By, Robert Anderson When we began our efforts to return the peregrine falcon to the bluffs of the Mississippi River in 1998, we collaborated with Effigy Mounds National Monument in Harper’s Ferry, Iowa. Effigy Mounds National Monument runs along the west bank of the Mississippi river. It preserves prominent bluffs, un-fragmented forests, and Read More