Ships of the Giants?

Ships of the Giants?

by, William Olivadoti

In general, a work, by an amateur, which  attempts to show parallels and similarities between distant and diverse cultures, in both time and space, culminating in which appear to be evidentiary clues in both  archival and geographic form, which could be postulated to possibly substantiate those connections of cultures. In particular, a pattern of anomalies in a certain area in the Adirondack Mountains surrounding Pharaoh Mountain within a radius of  3 miles and a second similar pattern within a radius of 25 miles.

The amateur writer endeavors to present aspects of discoveries of anomalous lakes and ponds therein, which appear to reflect similar mathematical patterns throughout, with  the hope that others would search and find further anomalies analogous to those in the book. A history of several diverse cultures are presented, including Native American and  ancient Mediterranean.
The author was born and raised 12 miles from Pharoah Mt. and 7 miles from the nearest water anomaly. He traveled the local mountains extensively in  his youth and heard many stories handed down to his grandmother and relatives concerning Native American legends and myths.

The author presents the sum of those archives, traditions and geographical anomalies for the curiosity and thought-stimulation of the reader.  The book contains aerial and satellite photographs of  lakes and ponds which can be taken, upon viewing, appearing to be  arrowhead-shaped,  ship-shaped, animal-shaped  and other. Five tabular data sections present the mathematical and other numerical attributes associated with up to 16, 18, 56, 60  lakes and ponds,  resp., 18 of which are close to Pharaoh Mountain. Petroglyphs and rock anomalies in  the nearby mountains are also displayed in the work.

Title: Ships of the Giants?

128 pages

language: English

166+ photos and pictures color mostly

21 maps  color mostly

85 footnotes

110 bibliography

5 tables

The book comes in either paperback $49.99 + $5 shipping or hardcover $59.99 + $5 shipping.

author: William C. Olivadoti

[The author has no training nor experience in archaeology.]

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