Children of Ammon

Children of Ammon

By, Carl Bjork


Morning –  Were the people who carved the rocks in southwest Nevada the Children of Ammon or the Moab people?  Here is something to play with, no doubt way out on this line of thought.  But it is worth the consideration.  Ever hear of the People of Moqui; the Pueblo people that lived in southern Utah?  Can we stretch Moqui from the many spellings of Molech/Molik?  Please, leave out the religious context from this idea, and look at it as a movement of people; not to judge “their” culture.  No doubt there are many stories and legends that tell of a similar movement of people.  Many thanks for your insight and comments.


(king). The fire-god Molech was the tutelary deity of the children of Ammon, and essentially identical with the Moabitish Chemosh. Fire-gods appear to have been common to all the Canaanite, Syrian and Arab tribes, who worshipped the destructive element under an outward symbol, with the most inhuman rites. According to Jewish tradition, the image of Molech was of brass, hollow within, and was situated without Jerusalem. “His face was (that) of a calf, and his hands stretched forth like a man who opens his hands to receive (something) of his neighbor. And they kindled it with fire, and the priests took the babe and put it into the hands of Molech, and the babe gave up the ghost.” Many instances of human sacrifices are found in ancient writers, which may be compared with the description of the Old Testament of the manner in which Molech was worshipped. Molech was the lord and master of the Ammonites; their country was his possession, (Jeremiah 49:1) as Moab was the heritage of Chemosh; the princes of the land were the princes of Malcham. (Jeremiah 49:3; Amos 1:15) His priests were men of rank, (Jeremiah 49:3) taking precedence of the princes. The priests of Molech, like those of other idols, were called Chemarim. (2 Kings 23:5; Hosea 10:5; Zephaniah 1:4)

Also – Book of Mormon : Leviticus 20:15, 20:16  Molech  The Children of Ammon practiced bestiality?

Did the the word the tribal name: Chumash derive from the name Chemosh?  Chumash is pronounced Chum-ash.  Were not the Chumash people an ocean-going people; living off of the bounty of the sea?  Would they not have a “fish god?”

Chemosh was the national deity of the Moabites whose name most likely meant “destroyer,” “subduer,” or “fish god.”  While he is most readily associated with the Moabites, according to Judges 11:24 he seems to have been the national deity of the Ammonites as well.  His presence in the Old Testament world was well known, as his cult was imported to Jerusalem by King Solomon (1 Kings 11:7).  The Hebrew scorn for his worship was evident in a curse from the scriptures:  “the abomination of Moab.”  King Josiah destroyed the Israelite branch of the cult (2 Kings 23).


Were the Children of Ammon forced to migrate. to the Americas?  Did the Moabites also migrate to the Americas?  There are Chinese legends that tell of a people/group that moved into the southwest corner of China.  This group were “mean, terrible, not wanted” and were forced to move or be destroyed.  It is said that the group moved to the east and disappeared.  Did they sail to the east?


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