Caves And The Winter Solstice

Caves And The Winter Solstice

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I am Hezekiah Hensley and I have decided to write an article about a natural winter solstice alignment site I discovered.  It is a small cave located in the Red Bird River Valley in Eastern Clay County that aligns to the winter solstice.  I was at this cave back in the 1990’s with a small group of people and we witnessed the sun flood this cave from wall to wall and floor to ceiling on December 21st, the time of the winter solstice. This was at sunrise.  At this time I didn’t see a particular alignment.  I went back to the cave another year alone on December 22nd to further investigate the site.  I asked an archeologist named Robert Pyle of Morgantown, West Virginia if a day’s difference would change the alignment to the winter solstice and he said one or two day’s on either side of December 21st wouldn’t make any appreciable difference in the alignment.  When I was there on December 22nd I saw the exact alignment occur about nine or ten feet back in the cave.  It lined up with part of the cave wall that protrudes out from the wall and floor of the cave.  This part of the cave looks like a rounded boulder imbedded in the cave.  At sunrise on the winter solstice the sun’s rays shine into the cave and shine onto just the right edge of the rounded part of the cave wall creating the alignment.


Many early civilizations thousands of years ago built large stone monuments to mark the winter solstice.  The most famous one was Stone Hinge in Britain that was build around 5,000 years ago.  However the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians marked this alignment to the winter solstice.  The winter solstice occurs when the sun gradually moves towards the south and stops its southern progression.  This was a very sacred event to the early civilizations because most of them worshipped the sun as well as other heavenly bodies.


This cave on Red Bird is about 2 1/2 to 3 feet wide,  4- 4 1/2 feet high and extends back about 12 to 15 feet.  It is a remarkable experience to observe this alignment occur since it was held in such high esteem and reverence by so many early civilizations.  I saw a TV documentary about a large stone and earth burial chamber that had its entrance and a large tunnel that was built of stones that was aligned to the winter solstice sunrise.  This chamber was over 7,000 years old.  Therefore, people have been observing this event for many thousands of years.


This cave has a lot of ancient alphabets, symbols, and markings in it on both walls.  I believe these encryptions and markings are in this cave because it is a winter solstice alignment site. Several other places in Clay County and surrounding areas have ancient inscriptions and symbols engraved on them on rock cliffs and outcrops.


I believe ancient, old world explorers discovered this cave and its alignment about 2,500 to 3,000 years ago.  Probably by people from the Iberian Peninsula, which includes present day Spain and Portugal.  I saw what I believe is Iberian Alphabet and Greek engraved on the cave walls.  The Phoenicians colonized the Iberian Peninsula over 3,000 years ago.  The Phoenicians had a large trading colony on the Iberian Peninsula in what is now Southwest Spain.  King Solomon had Navy ships in Ezion-G eber, which is beside Eloth, on the shore of the Red Sea, in the land of Edom.


Verse 27 and Hiram sent in the Navy his servants, shipmen that had knowledge of the sea, with the servants of Solomon.  This Hiram was a Phoenician who was king of the city of Tyre, which was a great trading center around 3,000 years ago.  In the 10th Chapter of First Kings in verse 22 it reads: For the king had at sea a Navy of Tarnish with the many of Hiram: once in three years came the Navy of Tarnish, bringing gold and silver, ivory and apes and peacocks.  Verse 23: So King Solomon exceeded all the kings of the earth in riches and wisdom.


The Apostle Paul of the Bible was shipwrecked on a ship in 62 A.D. that was so large it had 276 men and a cargo of wheat on board.  The Minoan people of the island of Crete off the coast of Greece sailed the sea 3,500 years ago in ships that were 40-50 feet long.  Therefore, people could sail the oceans long ago.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that people from Europe and the Middle East would sail to America 2,000 years ago and earlier.



Note: This article was first published in The Manchester Enterprise on 2-20-14.


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Comment 11-26-14 from Carl Bjork  I have seen this style out west but I have forgotten where.  Similar to a style in Montana.  Also, seen photos of a similar style down in Brazil, along the Amazon River.



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