Caves And The Winter Solstice

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I am Hezekiah Hensley and I have decided to write an article about a natural winter solstice alignment site I discovered.  It is a small cave located in the Red Bird River Valley in Eastern Clay County that aligns to the winter solstice.  I was at this cave back in the 1990’s with a small group of people and we witnessed the sun flood this cave from wall to wall and floor to ceiling on December 21st, the time of the winter solstice. This was at sunrise.  At this time I didn’t see a particular alignment.  I went back to the cave another year alone on December 22nd to further investigate the site.  I asked an archeologist named Robert Pyle of Morgantown, West Virginia if a day’s difference would change the alignment to the winter solstice and he said one or two day’s on either side of December 21st wouldn’t make any appreciable difference in the alignment.  When I was there on December 22nd I saw the exact alignment occur about nine or ten feet back in the cave.  It lined up with part of the cave wall that protrudes out from the wall and floor of the cave.  This part of the cave looks like a rounded boulder imbedded in the cave.  At sunrise on the winter solstice the sun’s rays shine into the cave and shine onto just the right edge of the rounded part of the cave wall creating the alignment.


Many early civilizations thousands of years ago built large stone monuments to mark the winter solstice.  The most famous one was Stone Hinge in Britain that was build around 5,000 years ago.  However the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians marked this alignment to the winter solstice.  The winter solstice occurs when the sun gradually moves towards the south and stops its southern progression.  This was a very sacred event to the early civilizations because most of them worshipped the sun as well as other heavenly bodies.


This cave on Red Bird is about 2 1/2 to 3 feet wide,  4- 4 1/2 feet high and extends back about 12 to 15 feet.  It is a remarkable experience to observe this alignment occur since it was held in such high esteem and reverence by so many early civilizations.  I saw a TV documentary about a large stone and earth burial chamber that had its entrance and a large tunnel that was built of stones that was aligned to the winter solstice sunrise.  This chamber was over 7,000 years old.  Therefore, people have been observing this event for many thousands of years.


This cave has a lot of ancient alphabets, symbols, and markings in it on both walls.  I believe these encryptions and markings are in this cave because it is a winter solstice alignment site. Several other places in Clay County and surrounding areas have ancient inscriptions and symbols engraved on them on rock cliffs and outcrops.


I believe ancient, old world explorers discovered this cave and its alignment about 2,500 to 3,000 years ago.  Probably by people from the Iberian Peninsula, which includes present day Spain and Portugal.  I saw what I believe is Iberian Alphabet and Greek engraved on the cave walls.  The Phoenicians colonized the Iberian Peninsula over 3,000 years ago.  The Phoenicians had a large trading colony on the Iberian Peninsula in what is now Southwest Spain.  King Solomon had Navy ships in Ezion-G eber, which is beside Eloth, on the shore of the Red Sea, in the land of Edom.


Verse 27 and Hiram sent in the Navy his servants, shipmen that had knowledge of the sea, with the servants of Solomon.  This Hiram was a Phoenician who was king of the city of Tyre, which was a great trading center around 3,000 years ago.  In the 10th Chapter of First Kings in verse 22 it reads: For the king had at sea a Navy of Tarnish with the many of Hiram: once in three years came the Navy of Tarnish, bringing gold and silver, ivory and apes and peacocks.  Verse 23: So King Solomon exceeded all the kings of the earth in riches and wisdom.


The Apostle Paul of the Bible was shipwrecked on a ship in 62 A.D. that was so large it had 276 men and a cargo of wheat on board.  The Minoan people of the island of Crete off the coast of Greece sailed the sea 3,500 years ago in ships that were 40-50 feet long.  Therefore, people could sail the oceans long ago.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that people from Europe and the Middle East would sail to America 2,000 years ago and earlier.



Note: This article was first published in The Manchester Enterprise on 2-20-14.


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Comment 11-26-14 from Carl Bjork  I have seen this style out west but I have forgotten where.  Similar to a style in Montana.  Also, seen photos of a similar style down in Brazil, along the Amazon River.



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Dr. Scherz & Mr. Osmon pondering possibilities in July 2013.

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  1. Ockothefrisian says:

    also Quetzalcoatl (another God with the K-K value) is called the feathered Serpent.

    The snake is constantly connected to Mother Earth through its Belly, it needs the sun light/warmth to be able to move as it does not produce its own heat, also in wintertime it goes subterranean.

    The Serpent is therefore also a symbol of man and is a symbol of a sun animal. As it is feathered in the God Quetzalcoatl it learns to fly, it is going up to the place where the sun is, a superior being which grew its wings (Angel). It stands therefore fore the rising sun, the increase of light.

    Most of us have a Christian background which is based on Jewish culture. The founding myth is the driving out of Paradies. The separation from God. This is a myth and an experience peculiar to the Jewish tribe and the religion derived from them. Neither European heathen have a myth like that nor to my knowledge have Amerindian a myth of that. We still live in Paradies (though the people driven out of Paradies have an uncanny ability to create hell around them) and are connected to God. The experience is a different one, we still live in a mythical world, where omens happens, signs are given, angelic beings are experienced and communication with God is natural, we also not separated from our inner experience and can map it and grow in a way, the separated people have difficulties. The experiences are real and direct and not abstract and intellectual. We navigate a different life experience which is difficult to follow by someone who is not there. For them these are myth for us it is reality. We see God in the winds, in nature, in flowers, we can smell his presence, feel his warmth and also in the sun, where he is strongly present. For us it is not allegorical but real.

  2. Ockothefrisian says:

    The K-K value is also found in the southwestern Kochinas, small puppets, of which 4 different exist. Applied to space (on Earth) they indicate the four directions as in North, West,South and East, applied to time (on Earth (( versus cosmic/celestial which are only 3))) they mean the two solstices and two equinoxes and thus are representative of life between Birth, Growth and Decay (the cosmic law of Three) and. Thus mean the cycles of spiritual and physical life and rebirth.

    To the s-n-k Value like in snake. Wirth claims that the n-k Words are meant for the rising sun (as in the name for Viking boats like in Schnake) and the falling sun would use the k-n combination as in the Indian word for boat, canoe. Accidentally (?) both types of ships have the same form and the same feature of being able to ship in 2 direction. In Bohuslaen, Sweden, there are rock paintings of these boats, around 7000 years old, where they are depicted in a mythical way.

    We can apply this image also to Jesus walking on the water (being above sub consciousness, or wisdom or emotions, or whatever on interprets water with) as well as the Indian (as from India) Lotus flower, which also floats on the water. As far as I remember there are some Amerindian stories with similarity to it about canoes.

    As to the runa with the man raising his arms and the opposite, dropping the arms (aka ‘arrow’) those are still signs of born at and died at on heathen grave stones to this day.

    As you mentioned Hiram above, a major figure in freemasonry, there was a conflict between the builder (Hiram) and the priest (Solomon). The conflict between the creator (builder, Architekt) and the slave/servant of God, the difference between becoming like God through intelligent creation and the child of God who never leaves and wants to stay with God, the conflict between Cain and Abel, the onflct between the older brother, who is busy building and farming and the younger brother who sits under a tree and plays his flute and is watching his sheep. The conflict between knowledge and faith.

    I don’t think one can apply this conflict to the cave creators/users, as at that time both were seemingly together. It was in the Jewish tribe where this conflict appears, European heathen did not know it.

  3. Ockothefrisian says:

    The rectangular as a symbol for a box has striking relationship to the year cycle. As it has 6 sides, representing the six month of sunrise/sun fall, it has 8 corners, representing the 8 month (more or less) of light and 12 edges, representing the 12 month (based on the sun calendar, according to the 12 star signs, the moon calendar has 13 month as the moon cycle fits almost perfectly 13 times in a year cycle)

  4. Ockothefrisian says:

    I also want to point out that the names for God in Amerindian language held the k-k Value as in Kokopelli, quuqumatz, Veracocha/Veracoca etc.

    The k value as in snake (s-n like in sun and K as in God) has a connection to it, as it seems. I don’t know the word for snake in the Indian language but it would not surprise me if it has the same consonants.

  5. Ockothefrisian says:

    The mystery play of the light disappearing and then rising again is a very old custom and developed into many different ways, from freemasonry (which has heathen roots) to Christianity (Jesus in the Rockgrave and from there is reborn on a higher level, to myth like Troy or many stories from the Edda and other myth and fairy tales. It also reaches into the Morris dance, with the three men with blackened faces, symbolizing the 3 winter month. he dancers then try to free the sun maiden from her arraignment into a labyrinth, castle, fire ring etc.

    Also the board game Morris Nine, etc replicates the same myth with its black and white stones and the labyrinth as a board. (Three stones in a row is the aim of the game)

    We do not really know, what the people did in these caves, but it gives us enough intriguing hints to form a pictures and gives us also a clue, that they were not savages but people who observed, thought, studied, compared and discovered.

  6. Ockothefrisian says:

    Herrmann Wirth stated that the original white People lived on the North Pole. Through the tilting of the Earth to 23.5 degrees the sun made different movements. In wintertime the sun seemingly disappeared beneath the horizon for 3 month to then appear or be reborn. so there were 3 month of darkness.

    The play of the light from rising to its high point (summer solstice) to disappearing and falling to its low point ( Wintersolstice) was important for the people. They considered these things as processes which could be found in other circumstances, including in their inner life.

    They used the outer process, here the fall and rise of the sun, to explain inner experiences..

    They connected the outer experience then with inner experience and replicated the inner experience by exposing themselves to the outer experience, so to say, they tried to trigger inner experiences through the outer processes.

    A more modern example are the Freemasons, who put their adept into a coffin to experience death and darkness and then expose them to bright light, today as a symbol in the past as a mystery play to transmit the experience to their adepts.

    Similarly the caves might have been used. They saw the process of the cavebear going to its winterquarter and in springtime, with the reappearance of light the mama bear and its newborn came out. A similar process they might have want to trigger is the newborn, twice born man, by exposing their adept to an outer experience, aka play with light in the caves.

    In the left wall photo there is a human figure depicted and before him a snake rising. the snake is an animal which in winter as well goes subterranean and appear in springtime with the sun. (Sun and snake both have the s-n combination in their letters. The Viking ships, formed like a dragon/snake was called Schnake) it might have been instructions of what the adept had to do to raise his inner sun/snake to enlighten.

    The long lines in vertical direction might symbolize the rising of the sun from its low point (winter solstice) to the high point (Summersolstice) in Europe we find the cross with the even arms interpreted as the winter/Summersolstice and the two equinoxes (in the Celtic cross with the circling of the sun and the cross in the circumference)

    It seems that there is also some sort of Runas visible. One vertical line then departing into 3 lines, akin to a human being raising his hands to the sun, interpreted as the the time between winter solstice and Summersolstice . The reverse, where the 3 lines are pointing to the bottom are interpreted as the times between Summersolstice and Wintersolstice. This are Runas and the combination of this 2 signs, the Hagal, 3 lines crossing, means the ‘all’, the cycle of the sun.

    (The French royal sign was/is the lily, specifically the sword lily, which grows out of the mud, through the water to the air, having 3 petals on top and 3 razor blade leafs o. The bottom, symbolizing the rise from the darkness to the sun-light, ((the French Ladies replicated that sign in their dresses with the corset made very tight to replicate the center point, the place where the new is born)))

    On the photo of the right side it seems they depicted a rectangular sign, a symbol for tomb (cave, Mother Earth (( from the duality time and space breaks down into 3, time= past, present,future and space into the 3 dimensions, on Earth it breaks down further into four, space the four directions: East/West/South/North and time the two equinoxes and two solstices. That might be why earth is related to the number four and in this case a rectangular). That is the place where the light goes and disappears. It seems on top of it is a cross (not clearly seeable but I assume it is) representing the low point at the earth and then the summer solstice and equinoxes.

    Also on the same slab we see symbols of what we today identify as arrows. A men with his arms hanging down, most likely the right side was visible between Summer solstice and Wintersolstice, which would mean the falling half of the sun.

    On the left side we see the sign with pointing arms up (albeit it is missing the vertical line), which most likely means the time when the sun is rising to her high point. (In German the sun has a female article and the moon a male one, don’t know how that is in English).

    I also see some symbols like a vertical line and two lines to the right side (like a men pointing both arms up to one side). Which is also found in Europe.

    One should also look for little ‘cups’ as they are very common in Stone Age European sides.

    The similarities to European signs are striking.

    Hermann Wirth interprets that with his Atlantis theory that after the fall of Atlantis one part went to what became Europe and another part to what became North America. Interestingly Amerindians have 1/3 European DNA.

  7. Ockothefrisian says:

    The caves are very old Symbols of Europe. They symbolize according to Hermann Wirth the disappearance of the Sun during the wintermonth.

    He Claims that in prehistoric times they were used for Mystery plays, replicating the Sun Mystery of disappearing and then being resurrected/reborn.

    He says that often bear skulls have been found in European caves, indicating of the pregnant mama bear going into its winter cave, around the Wintersolstice the young is born and the newborn son/sun of God/light appears.

    Similarly the snake is doing something like that, going subterranean in Winter and appears in springtime, like reborn from Mother Earth. In the Kundalini teaching one has the snake, coming from the root chakra (Earth chakra) crawling up the spine to the crown chakra, when it reaches there on is ‘enlightened’

    This myth is universal, as we also find it in Christianity, where Jesus after his death is put into a stone grave and then after 3 nights (3 winter month) is reborn, in one of the 7 I am… Statements from the St. John Gospel he states I am the light.

    Similarly the origin myth of the Germanic Saxon says, that their originator, King Askanius came out of of rock.

    In Germany you find Stonegraves littered all over the place.

    In the Externsteine, a prehistoric sacred site in Germany, one finds artificial caves as well as a stone coffin, most likely for enacting the ‘reborn’ mystery.

    There is also the myth of Troy, which pan European, (the Greek one is only a particular version of it) that is the same mystery play as used with the caves, aligned with the winter solstice.

    Troy was the labyrinth-name where the winter King caught the sun – maiden (during the matriarchal part of Germany) and had to be freed by the sun Hero.

    This was made in mystery plays of which the Morris-dance of England is only one of many plays. (It has its name from Moor, because 3 dancers colored their faces black to represent the winter month, who defended the capture of the sunmaiden). the sun hero then after many tribulations freed the sun maiden.

    That is also the basic story of the Greek Troy saga, where the beautiful Helena (the sun maiden) is abducted to Troy (the winter kings castle/aka cave) and can only be freed by the sun Hero, Achilleus.

    Many stories have the same meme, like in the fairy tales where the curse hits the sunmaiden for ex through an injury of the spindle, then everyone falls into (winter-) sleep and a thorny hedge grows around the castle, which only the sun hero then can overcome and awaken/ free the sun maiden.

    In the Edda the Winter King, Odin, captures Brunhilde and builds a fire ring around her, which only the sun-Hero Siegfried can overcome and free the sunmaiden.

    Instead of the cave, other things are often used , a dragon, a hedge, a castle, fire etc. an insurmountable obstacle for ordinary man.

    The symbols would be interesting to see, because most likely they are the same as in Europe, for ex. Bohuslain. Herrmann Wirth studied them and found the same symbols all over Europe as well as in Southern California and a few other places, basically all over the northern Hemisphere.

    Your discovery is a nice confirmation of this.

    Thanks for writing the article.


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