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Bits And Pieces Of EMSL: Part I

By, John J White, III

Originally published in The Midwestern Epigraphic Society Journal

The author has found so many examples of significant EMSL words that some have become lost for lack of a suitable opportunity for discussion. The most important case is the so called “orphan”, an additional example that should have been explained in a previously published paper.

You may know that Central Asia has a second great desert comparable with the ‘Gobi’. This desert is called the ‘Takla Makan’, and it surrounds the Tarim Basin in western China. The name probably means The-Kala-Mighty-People or The-Mighty-Kali-People in EMSL. This name honors the great Indian Earth Mother “Kali-Ma”. The Chinese discriminate against the Central Asians, and one of the reasons may be the occurrence of brown skin. The successful Neolithic era in India led to the export of many brown-skinned people (Caucasian/Dravidian mixture). Also, western India was Buddhist around the time of Christ, leading to the spread of Buddhism to the Silk Road via the Khyber Pass. If you look at photographs of 19th century Apache Indian people, you will dark-skinned Caucasians with only 10% Chinese heritage. These are Dene people, Silk Road guardian soldiers from the Tarim Basir., who came to America to escape Chinghis Khan in 1233 CE (Ethel Stewart).

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