Victorious: Prince Henry Sinclair – Gunnar Thompson


During the 14th century, Queen Margaret Atterdag of Denmark welded together the bickering kingdoms of Scandinavia. Her alliance of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark was called “the Kalmar Union.” As the Little Ice Age bore down upon the Nordic Settlement on Greenland, she called upon the Atlantic Earl, Prince Henry Sinclair, and Templar Knights to rescue 4,000 stranded farmers. These Greenland refugees were brought south to new homes with Native Tribes along the Eastern Seaboard of North America. In later years, these Nordic immigrants were identified as “White Indians” that explorers and pioneers found in Nova Scotia, Massachusetts, and New York in the 17th century. Another problem arose in 1398 – when Vitalien Pirates settled into lairs along the Newfoundland Coast. At the time, the island was called “Frisland.” In battles that were chronicled in Nicolo Zeno’s “Letters,” Henry Sinclair conquered the pirates; and he erected a medieval tower and city at Newport, Rhode Island. This is real History!

This masterpiece of “True History” is a supercharged foray into 14th century events in Ancient America and Northern Europe – featuring pirates, Native Americans, the incomparable Queen Margaret, and a Nordic Jarl.

This New Book Includes:
  • Prince Henry’s many New World Voyages for Codfish & Furs;
  • “Promise Church” in Greenland built by Templar Masons;
  • Norse-Scottish medieval “Stone Tower” in Newport, RI, c.1375;
  • The “Greenland Exodus:” Nordic farmers brought to new homes on the Eastern Seaboard;
  • Queen Margaret’s Kalmar Union & Northern Commonwealth;
  • Medieval Hanseatic fish and lumber bases on Newfoundland;
  • Prince Henry & Templar Knights defeat the Frisian Pirates in 1398
  • Early Venetian Maps of Rhode Is., Cape Cod, & Newfoundland;
  • 1898 photos reveal Scottish lime kiln beneath Colonial house;>
  • Marco Polo’s Chinese maps of Greenland & Baffin Island; and
  • Collateral Research from Clan Historian – Niven Sinclair.

Must have extremely important resource for anyone interested in history. This exhaustive work completed in mid 2015 will not disappoint.

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Victorious: Prince Henry Sinclair - Gunnar Thompson
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