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Geoglyphology, An Ancient Science Rediscovered

Geoglyphology, An Ancient Science Rediscovered


Arthur D. Faram
Faram Research Foundation – Arlington, Texas

Recently Arthur Faram, while investigating his Celtic Genealogy, discovered an ancient and historically revealing science.

After determining that this science had not been mentioned in any previous publications, The Faram Research Foundation named the ancient science Geoglyphology. “Geo” for earth, “glyph” for writing and “ology “ for the study of… . The original function of Geoglyphology, by the ancients, was to mark and claim territories. Since its rediscovery, this ancient science has been used to expand both the search area and the knowledge base available to the Archeologist and related disciplines. In addition, since the science was primarily used to mark large territories, claimed by the originator of the geoglyph, the resultant findings are rewriting history. Read more

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IMG_1086[1]This web site is dedicated to investigating mysteries of history and archaeology, some that arose long before Christopher Columbus sailed west, some that are more recent. A few are current. There are articles by both amateurs and professionals, seasoned researchers and beginners, great writers, and people who simply have something to say. All of them get a voice here. (See contributors’ guide)

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Columbus Was Last, An Introduction to the Ancient History of America

Columbus Was Last
An Introduction to the Ancient History of America
Written By Lawrence Gallant

Posted by Rick Osmon


The excavations at Meadowcroft rock shelter by Professor James Adovasio on July 13, 1974, then of the University of Pittsburgh, proved that an ancient culture lived in southwestern Pennsylvania in at least 14,000 BC, some 5,000 years before people were believed to have set foot in this hemisphere. His first word on receiving the radio-carbon dating report of his artifacts was, “Damn!” because he knew this would create a firestorm in the archeological establishment. The dominant paradigm at the time was that Clovis hunter/gatherers were the first to reach North America by crossing the Bering Strait land bridge around 9,000 BC. They supposedly followed herds of game south from Siberia to present-day Alberta and then spread across the Americas in a very short time. This outdated thesis has been thoroughly dismantled in the past few years. Read more